Regroup, Gung Fu and Psychology

I’ve thrown no punches in the last couple of weeks, yet I’ve thrown many. Discontentment set in a few weeks ago with impact and follow-through in punching, so in typical fashion, I restructured my approach to focus on punching in air with light dumbells only.

So, whilst I’ve thrown many punches, I’ve not hit a single thing. This is momentous for me as an advocate that nothing improves in a vacuum. At times I’ve even said that throwing punches in air has zero value.

But right now, at this very second,  I’ll concede that I was wrong. Punching in air has helped me defocus on the aspects of training that were troubling me during heavy bag or pad work.

Instead I gave myself room to breathe and contemplate. My fists have been given a long overdue rest, even though I have no doubt that arthritic conditions await me soon enough through overuse.

Sometimes you have to take a step back, regroup and evaluate your training methods. After having fought adrenal fatigue, a battle I lost ultimately in 2010, I have become increasingly cautious about a mind state which pushes an unwilling body to yield.

Step back. Breathe. And when the time is right… only when the time is right, move forwards, fast.

*click on the hidden links to unlock articles on body language, creativity and aggression.


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