Supernova Pilot / Amateur

Excerpts from Barbara Sher‘s Refuse To Choose:

Q: How long should you stay at something?
A: However long it takes to get what you came for.
Q: How do you decide what you came for?
A: You don’t, you discover it.
Q: How do you discover it?
A: You notice what isn’t there anymore when you feel like leaving.

ama-a-teur n: from Latin: one who loves
1. Somebody who does something for pleasure rather than for pay
2. Somebody who has only limited skill in, or knowledge of, an activity
3. Somebody who loves or is greatly interested in something
4. Somebody who appreciates and wants to understand so many things that she can’t possibly specialize in only one field; ie: a Scanner

Okay, I slipped in that fourth one because I hope it will actually be there one day, after we manage to restore that beautiful word amateur to the high status it deserves.

Make it yours,


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