Guard Hand in Gung Fu

The guard hand in Gung Fu (Wu Sau) is a tool used in self protection for covering the body and head as well as a way to maintain distance between you and your opponent.

Uses of the guard hand (Wu Sau) include;

  • barrier – it presents a guard hand which has to be bypassed or breached for an opponents attack to be successful.
  • intercept – an aggressive, forward oriented guard can be used to intercept an incoming attack. Once intercepted a counter attack can be launched easily.
  • measure – it is a convenient device to measure as the hands are used to draw out a physical zone around the body.
  • initiation – keeping the guard up when initiating an interaction with an aggressor allows you to approach them with a degree of safety.

One Response to “Guard Hand in Gung Fu”

  1. I LOVE the Wu Sau! If I HAD to fight one handed I would use Wu sau, as it takes very little movement one way or the other to clear incoming punches, and with a little waist turning sets up your retaliation nicely!

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