Control; Lost and Found

No control over where we grow up. No control over skinheads in Greenford, Middlesex, who call you ‘paki’ as you walk past them. No control over an alcoholic father whose volatility oft times, spilled over. No control over the circumstances that grant you an older sibling, born with a disability that renders him reliant on others for care.

And at times we find ourselves losing control over emotions such as sadness or anger.

But at some point you re-balance.

You strengthen your body by physical training and acquire skills in Gung Fu, through dedication and practice. And such discipline may even help change a sickly frame into something strong, and fast. Something that comes under control. You learn how to use your body; the mechanics of engaging hip torque and body linking to punch and kick with deliberate intention.

Life’s circumstances taught me to be wholly self-reliant.

Gung Fu helped me transform.


2 Responses to “Control; Lost and Found”

  1. Brutha you singing’ a song – a journey that is shared by others, my journey is one of them.

    May we break our chains of our past and rise above the ashes. To transform and rise. Amen brutha, amen.

  2. His Dark Side Says:

    Phoenix. Brother. Drew. We. Rise.


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