Day Six

Day six – mildly hopeful.  Today is the first day in what seems forever that is not yielding fever and chills.

Lower back is in agony.  Bags under my eyes and my infamous birthmark is a deep purple indicating ‘E’ on the fuel gauge.

When I’m sick I cannot do anything.  I am at the mercy of the illness and at the care of whomever is around me.

Even though it sometimes felt as if Death himself was knocking on my door with anxiety of not wanting to go to sleep, something ethereal happened: I saw my family.

My wonderful wife taking care of all the things that happen in a house.  My children making me get-well cards, keeping the noise level down, my son bursting into my room (just as I’m about to drift off asleep) to ask me if I’m any better.

I had to go to work yesterday.  No go = no dough.  One of those extremely rare moments when I wished I had a salary job.  My son told me, “Dad, when you get to work, just smile.  Smile really big and they won’t know you’re sick.”  My daughter chimed in, “And skip.  Skip around the office.”

Yes.  And long after I’m done with this illness I think I will.  Smile.  Skip.



One Response to “Day Six”

  1. His Dark Side Says:

    what a tune!

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