Becky; sorry for the bruises

It is with deep regret that I find myself writing this during the AFTERMATH. Our relationship has had its fair share of violence and I say this with a degree of remorse. I never meant to hurt you. Sometimes things that appear good in the beginning start to sour. The idea was always to elicit a response from you, to get you to commit or at least react. It’s only now that you’ve left me that I realize the cruelty that you endured. I hope you remember the good times. Sure, there were bruises. I remember watching your hands tremble and the purple swelling around your knuckles after you struck out.

And yes, occasionally you were kicked. I also recall the welt on your shin the last time you visited. But seldom was there blood. If there is some small comfort, it is that I never saw you bleed. During Gung Fu training we sometimes attempt to mimic the reality of street violence in a class setting.

In the street, there will be blood.

Overall, I hope that during our time together you have grown as a person, that you have gained some strength of character. And yes, I’m sorry for the bruises. Come back, punch and kick more pads. Spar with gloves on. Get bruised. Give bruises out to your fellow Gung Fu classmates. Grow. Sometimes you have to be pushed, to learn how to push back.

***For fitness and motivational tips, visit Becky’s facebook page or read her blog.


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