The Shogun Of Harlem

Sho’Nuff: Well, well, well. If it ain’t the serious, elusive Leroy Green. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Leroy. I am sick of hearing these bullshit Superman stories about the – Wassah! – legendary Bruce Leroy catching bullets with his teeth. Catches bullets with his teeth? Nigga please.

Bruce Leroy: The secret awaits eyes unclouded by ambition.

Sho’Nuff: WHAT?

Bruce Leroy: Those who are bound by desire see only that which can be held in their hands.

Sho’Nuff: See, now it is mumbo jumbo like that, and skinny little lizards like you thinkin’ they the last dragon that gives kung-fu a bad name. Get up, Leroy, I got somethin’ real fo’ yo’ ass in these hands.


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