Beginning Begins

And so it begins.
A shedding of skin.
A return to the beginning.
Sword hand calloused, chest exhales, emptying lungs.

Finding oneself, sometimes requires losing oneself first. So, here I am; ego-less. The self is no longer the capitalized ‘Self’. Just me, an ally in Kenton, and our unified writings to help people re-structure the way in which they understand, codify and structure their beliefs in martial arts and Gung Fu.

The beginning, begins again.

“All over the world, man buries himself in egoism and multicolored attachments to the false, depriving himself of the intrinsic and self-sustained happiness that does not wane. He seeks happiness through the perishing and transitional, and invites upon himself the sufferings of closed consciousness. One must contact the ocean of unfading bliss within, and be free of the limiting duality of “I” and “you,” to unveil the perennial spring of imperishable sweetness which is within each and all.” Meher Baba


One Response to “Beginning Begins”

  1. Go forth my brothers-in-arms, I will you see along the way.

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