I have lived on the lip of insanity, have been in the presence of Lucifer and have felt true, enduring pain. These past few months, I’ve journeyed deep within myself. Struggled to reconcile memories of a trapped childhood with the adult I have finally become. It is time to set those demons that continue to haunt the periphery of my dreams, free. No longer do I want my subconscious to become a vortex of paranoia I find myself unwillingly dragged into.

You see, I never viewed my father as being unloving, yet alcohol drove him to bouts of cruelty that I have yet to witness elsewhere. The filters of my perception are mature now; fully developed. This maturity allows me to revisit an unkind past and surrender to it. And by surrendering I become free.

Hard training, a desire to forge a strong body, aspiring to move fast, punch and kick powerfully are the reasons I became a Gung Fu fighter. Perhaps deep down, a desire to escape the violence of a tumultuous home that I faced as a child, also had its own part to play.

I relax back, close my eyes. And breathe.


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