Only Human; Dub FX and Stamina MC

“I’m just a normal guy, with things to do before I die
Don’t always know the how or the why
Saw that I seemed to have a mind in doubt
So now I do what I can before my time is out
I’ve gotta do whatever helps my name
If I sleep on opportunities I’ve only got myself to blame
I felt for healthy change, left everybody else the same
All hell bent on the wealth and fame”

“I’m only human, slowly finding my way
Reminded each day of reasons for the lines that I say
I’m only human, someone who makes mistakes
I’ve had my fair share of mishaps and great escapes
I’m only human, tryna provide the stuff that you need
I’m not a machine, I promise if you cut me I’ll bleed
So stop assuming you get less than high quality
That’s got me fuming, and not someone that I wanna be.”
Stamina MC 


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