Hand wraps wrapped tight. Seams withered soaking crimson water from knuckle cuts, over used. Bone beneath chipped and fractured. Extremities shake. No nerves. Just inner coiling serpentine wiring, frayed down to cells. Muscles taut on stick thin copper piped frame. The last vestige of vigor signaled by burning eye gleam. Ready to fight life.

When the body fails, the soul fights on.

You sure you want to be with me?
I've nothing to give.
Won't lie and say this loving's best
Leave us in emotional pace
Mmm, take a walk take a rest, a taste of rest
Don't wanna be on top of your list,
Monopoly improperly kissed
We overcome in sixty seconds with the strength we had together.
But for now, emotional ties they stay severed.
And when there's trust there'll be treats
When we funk we'll hear beats.


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