Owner of My Own Pain

A very fast paced hike with a friend.  She’s loved and lost – literally.  She’s had significants leave, die, hurt her, etc.  Yet, she’s full of life.

She was my guide on this hike because I wanted to see the terrain for the adventure race in June.  The single-track trail is rated a 5/5 on the hiking difficulty scale.  Something new to train for, to live for.

The topic came about due to her mentioning a personal fitness client of hers who suffered from depression.  This client ended up quitting fitness because of the emotions that it was bringing up.  I was sad to hear this.  I told my friend, “If only she could have channeled her depression into something fitness-like that she liked.  It’s one thing to feel pain and channel it into potato chips, pop, chocolate and late-night TV.  That’s called hurting yourself – but what if she could hurt herself in a positive way: a fitness lifestyle.”

“Exactly,” my friend replied.  “When I had all this bad stuff going on in my life, I thought that instead of someone else being in control of my pain, I would be in control of it.  So that’s why I built a life around fitness, adventure racing and challenging myself.”

Masochistic? Maybe. Necessary? Very. 


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