Searching For Disciples

Looking for intelligent students with a desire to be physically challenged and a goal of becoming effective fighters. People with only average athletic ability will be given priority. The ideal candidate will be a mix of someone who has the mindset of a Yogi but lacks the patience for Yoga. A sense of humour is mandatory.

The mode of learning will be aimed to develop the individual, rather than the group. Independent learners, free spirits and non-conformers would be ideal.

Only those looking for a strong sense of self worth need apply. As all beliefs systems are respected equally, students will be asked to suspend any discussion of religions, spiritual traditions and beliefs of mysticism during training.

Kung Fu will be taught in a way to encourage self empowerment and critical thinking. You will be forced to adapt and thereby learn.

You will suffer.

No belts will be given. No certificates will be provided. There will be no term used to refer to the style other than the generic Kung Fu (Gung Fu) to pay homage to its ancestral roots in Chinese martial arts.

You will face adversity.

Lessons will be conducted in a variety of ways in an environment which will be physically and mentally challenging. Lessons will be better assimilated by those who take an academic interest in movement, body mechanics and philosophy.

Method of learning is deconstructionist and taught in such a way to orient the student into understanding the dynamics of their own body and assessing their psychological limitations.

There will be hardship.

The intention is to assist you in becoming a better person.

Lessons will be taught in an irregular, ad hoc and altogether ‘wishy washy’ fashion — please do not expect weekly gatherings. Lessons are designed in such a way to enable a student to practice in isolation.

The only barometer by which success will be measured will be through action based activity. If you can punch harder and faster, then my role will be successful.

It is a fundamental requirement that you should be familiar with the iconic status of Bruce Lee.

The application process is simple; become a ‘seeker’ and you will be found.

Alternatively, remain lost.



2 Responses to “Searching For Disciples”

  1. Hah. Good one. Sounds like my Aikido training a third of the time.

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