Dark Gung Fu – Manifesto

  1. Be not a slave to your own ego
  2. Do not believe that what you have been given represents the Truth
  3. The only inadequacies one can speak of with any conviction are ones own
  4. Drink water
  5. Don’t ‘do’ Gung Fu, ‘be’ Gung Fu
  6. Be compassionate, tolerant and loving and if this does not work, punch ‘em in the fekkin nostrils
  7. Listen to Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Grime; your Gung Fu will improve
  8. Hit hard, first and fast.
  9. Loi Lau Hoi Sung, Lat Sau Jik Chung
  10. Keep a speed rope by your side at all times
  11. To get to the heart of Truth, you must break through the ribs
  12. Sweat, at least three times a week
  13. Cherish the moments of pure joy that you derive from being with family and friends
  14. You have a responsibility to improve the perception of Gung Fu by other martial artists
  15. Be humble, not feeble
  16. Wear Adidas
  17. Do not play with Ouija Boards


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