Avoiding Violence

Avoiding a violent situation can be difficult. If however, the circumstances are such that it is obvious something is going to go wrong, remove yourself immediately. Do not give an attacker the ‘benefit of the doubt’. Rely on gut feelings or intuition. It is far better to be paranoid if it means you do not end up a part of the pavement.

Avoidance starts before you venture out. Plan your movements. If you are going out, how will you travel, who will you be with? Is there a mechanism for help if a problem arises such as a mobile phone. Have you told someone where you will be?

The considerations also go further, ask yourself before you start drinking whether you are in trustworthy company. According to December 2005, Canadian statistics, you are far likelier to be attacked by someone you are familiar with. Be sensible, the simple avoidance of the extra couple of wines could help you keep your wits about you.

How are you dressed? If you need to, will you be able to run with the shoes you are wearing? If the answer is that you could ‘kick them off’ then ask yourself if you are willing to run through for instance, a piss stained alley littered with broken glass.

Learn to keep your eyes active by scanning the periphery while you are walking. You are constantly using this mechanism when you are driving, always looking to see if other road users are obeying the rules of the road. Learn to do it while walking. Try to assess a threat at its earliest stages.



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