Maintaining Your Personal Space

It is a social norm that we maintain a personal zone around us.

Similarly we try not to invade another’s person’s personal zone, unless forced or authorized. It is not socially acceptable to step into the comfort zone of a stranger.

An attacker will close the gap that separates you quickly. He wants to establish control efficiently. One method to do this would simply be to grab but it is not uncommon for an attacker to hit you, hoping that it has the affect of crippling you into compliance.

Another trick is diversion. This is where an attacker uses some distraction to divert your attention momentarily before initiating the attack. Common ways to divert include an attacker asking the time, or approaching you for directions. Be aware of such methods of deception.

There is no reason for a stranger to step into your personal or intimate zone.

Certain events should trigger you into immediate action, for example: a person invading your personal space, an aggressor reaching into his pocket for a suspected weapon, someone approaching you at speed, as well as the obvious reaction needed if you have been struck.


2 Responses to “Maintaining Your Personal Space”

  1. Something you might find interesting.

  2. His Dark Side Says:

    Thanks Drew. About to watch.

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