Robert Downey Jr.’s Wing Chun Black Belt and Chinese Medicine

In the last two decades, movie star Robert Downey Jr. has achieved good health and he credits it all to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Downey spoke about his gratitude for the ancient medicine while being honored for his advocacy with the Robert Graham Visionary Award in March.

“I confess, that I am as close to being a Chinese-American as any Caucasian ever could be in his life. I awoke to my Qi Gong practice this morning, Guarding the Eight Treasures, I did some Mook Jong wooden dummy drills in preparation for my black belt grading at the LA Wing Chung Kung Fu Academy, and I then took my, get ready, my herbal formula, and then ate a seasonally appropriate meal. And all before 1:30 PM.”

“It’s contributed to making me a more tolerable father, and son, husband, co-worker, and according to the title of this award, visionary. ”



5 Responses to “Robert Downey Jr.’s Wing Chun Black Belt and Chinese Medicine”

  1. I’ll admit, I cringed a little when RDJ mentioned that he said “…I am as close to being a Chinese-American as any Caucasian ever could be in his life.” Coming from an American of Chinese descent I found it a little ignorant on his part.

    However, I’m happy that he has found solace in TCM. He is also talented and great actor as well as (I’ve heard) a great person.

  2. ctkwingchun Says:

    Having been obsessed with Chinese culture since I was 14, starting with Kung-Fu, Taoism, Buddhism, Mandarin and then Traditional Chinese Medicine, I can see his humour. In the original version of the article, the author mentions that his comments were in jest. I just copied what I thought were the pertinent parts for the readers.

  3. *He is also a talented…*

    Forgive the typo. Given your experience I believe that I should support any form of “widening the human experience”. Ethnicity (or race, depending on your point of view) should never play a role in how we improve ourselves and express ourselves in a balanced and honest way, even if it’s “different”.

    On that note, how’s your Mandarin?

  4. ctkwingchun Says:

    Wo shuo yidian Putonghua. 😉

    • 非常好,我也講一點國語

      If anything looks wrong, blame it on Google. On that note, I pronounced what your wrote accurately – complete with a pseudo Beijing sound!

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