Rudimental; Improve Your Fighting Ability

Toes pointed in or feet parallel?

Knees squeezed in, touching or just standing?

Tailbone tucked in, spine elongated; lean or curved back?

Tan flat or angled?

Rolling with wrists or elbows?

Preference for the blindside like Willam Cheung?

Blasting down the centre like Emin Bozetepe?

Preference for Jum Sau like Wong Shun Leung?

Second hand action like Gary Lam?

Push and pull like Hawkins Cheung?

Shifting on the ball, K1 or heel?

Hurry up and pick your camp.  Because knowing where you stand in all this improves your fighting ability.



2 Responses to “Rudimental; Improve Your Fighting Ability”

  1. I’m currently in the William Cheung camp, but would love to hear your answers based on Red Boat Wing Chun.

  2. Emin Bozetepe is a formidable guy! 🙂

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