Decibel; Life Is Easy

Every time I…

turn on the shower and the hot water comes pouring out

flick on a light switch to expunge the dark

talk to a family member across the country on my computer screen

get into my vehicle and drive for 45 minutes to get to downtown

download music, load it into my iPod and dance my pants off

go to the store and purchase organic kiwis from a far away country

look at the smiles on my children’s faces

I think, “Life is easy.”


4 Responses to “Decibel; Life Is Easy”

  1. right? we’re so spoiled.

    sometimes when i’m doing something manual-ish, i’ll think to myself how the pioneer version of this task would have been… or earlier. how would the serfs in medieval england have had to do it.

    and suddenly (the horror!) of having to bend over to pull the wet, heavy clothes from the washing machine doesn’t feel so laborious after all.

    we have it so easy. our days our so blessed.

    found you via cultfit – nice post, nice blog!

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