Selfish; Trials of the Past

So young so how were you to know know know.
You’re a carrier a carrier of the light inside of you.
Glows green in the pitch black night night night.
Can’t tell anyone anyone it’s hurting you.
So hold it in cover up, pull up your sheets your sheets.
What to be, down cruising in the ocean, and sin it’s due.

I am selfish and my own training is my motivation.

I do not need to have other people present, although for the sake of training, partners and mock opponents are extremely helpful.

The ghoulish entities they come floating through the walls.
Ghostly enemies they come floating through your door.

Tied into such selfishness are my reasons to teach. I don’t do it to make others good at Gung Fu, this just happens to be a natural by-product.

I teach only to the extent that it improves my Gung Fu and if at any stage it feels as if it interferes with my training, then I simply pull back and tell whoever happens to be around, to find instruction elsewhere.

I was always floating around the city.
Go with the flow without ever knowing where I wanna be.
So I got into crazy situations.
A loyal soldier who acts who acts who acts. But never asks.
Why am I fighting on my back, my back?

I want to be unselfish. But I’m not ready yet.


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