Tonight I needed reminding…


A close friend asked whether my former work as a Death Investigator had changed me;

I recalled one of the most poignant moments; when I delicately wrapped a baby in a blanket, being careful to ensure her limbs were covered by the warm cloth. I carried her body out of the home in which she had passed, gently holding her against me.

A Few Life Lessons
Death is an inescapable proposition for us all, despite our greatest desire to see life as infinite.

Death is unfair, as are the circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in during our lives.

We are all growing older with each passing moment. Life is a timeline and birth was the beginning of our journey toward death.

No matter how bad things are, they can be a lot worse.

Happiness is a self-fulfilling prophecy. ‘Be happy‘ and you will become happy.

Stop searching for beauty and meaning…

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