Remove the Slack

This is a guest blog post by PF.

I have been thinking a lot lately of how my different experiences have intertwined to all come back to some of the same principles. For example in Wing Chun, Soccer, and golf. Most of your power comes from your hips. I started learning Jiu Jitsu and this applies here as well. But where it all came together for me was while talking to my chiropractor I was describing the right way to apply a rear naked choke and the key, with most locks or submissions, is to remove the slack or space in the system then apply the squeeze.

Her response, “Oh I do the same thing when adjusting.” Lights went off in my head as this is another one of those things that will fall into place from different systems and add to the puzzle. As I surf the web and go through life I make a list of things that when asked for advice I choose one from the list and it applies. As humans most key ingredients apply to how we move and how we generate some force. No matter what the activity. Build a list. It will apply to anything.


One Response to “Remove the Slack”

  1. This makes me think of balance. We need balance in every part of our lives and martial arts teaches us – without balance there can be no victory.

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