Gung Fu Tea-Time

I hate analogies in martial arts. I heard one twerp recently comparing Gung Fu and MMA, using the retarded analogy of sharks vs. bears. I forget his particular logic, some bollocks about differentiating fighting based on choice of venue; i.e. ocean vs. land being comparable to cage vs. the street. (And then we wonder why there are so many divisions in martial arts).

I choose not to ponder, preferring instead to sit here with a cup of tea. I have both Tetley tea bags and PG Tips tea bags in my tea drawer. I usually opt for PG but for some reason I went for the slower tangier flavour of Tetley today. Tetley has a full bodied taste. It is, in my opinion, reserved for those who have a slightly more refined palate than the ‘one size fits all’ approach of PG Tips tea bags. But for most people who don’t know the difference, PG Tips tends to be a safer bet when it comes to taste;  inoffensive and easily brewed.

That said, tea is tea. Both are used to sate the thirst of a body in need a hot beverage (without the automated arrogance that attaches to a person opting for coffee). Debating which particular tea bag is better, ends up being a foray into subjectivism. Irrespective of the differences, they are both tea.

Similarly, fighting is just fighting. Whatever medium you choose be it Gung Fu, MMA or any other martial art, never lose sight of the fact that you are learning a method of delivering harm, pain and suffering to another person.


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