“Find that place

which is effortlessly

at rest within itself.

Be there—be one with that.” 

Within a short time after awakening I found myself, this morning, practicing Gung Fu. The art of awareness, through movement. The movement although designed to hurt an opponent, also lends itself to a liberation of sorts for the practitioner; the freedom to self express.

As I punched, hit, moved, this morning, I felt free.

It is the conditioned mind that says, ‘I’m lost.’

Let mind be lost. Lose your mind.

Lose your mind inside your Heart.

This evening, I had the pleasure of uniting with a man whom I would call brother. I found him holding a card. He wore the look of an embittered sentry, his face drawn and his shoulders shrugged. Despite being positioned at a busy traffic intersection, drivers of the passing vehicles ignored him. The card he held requested money for food. I strolled over to him and soon recognized that he had a Buddha mind and within the period that we spent together, talking and laughing, he reminded me of the lessons of giving.

He blessed me by allowing me to share my meal with him.

He helped me express love.

I don’t tell you what you should do or not do;
I only show you who you are
the timeless and unchanging awareness.
When this is firmly established inside you,
your life will unfold spontaneously and joyously.

***selected quotes (and clips) from Mooji


2 Responses to “Buddha-Mind”

  1. Yes, he blessed you! Isn’t it amazing that when we give of ourselves in the form of time, talent, food or money to others that we are often the ones who benefit the most!

    • His Dark Side Says:

      Yes Somer! Also, we choose the way in which we interpret the World. One persons beggar is another persons King.

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