The Will of the Master – Approaching each action with a view to perfection. Self-mastery being the highest form of knowledge, this person lives life passionately. Goals are always defined and redrawn once achievement is assured. Approaches each social interaction with a view to bringing joy. Pushes harder and faster with each subsequent action. Moves in two directions only; forwards and upwards. Applies the processes of Gung Fu (mastery, hard work, discipline) to all aspects of life.

The Will of the Meek– Approaches life with moderation. Job, relationships and achievements are given recreational effort only. Lives a life defined by being average. Scared of risk, content to exist according to routine. 

The Will of the Dead– All effort is buried. Any achievements are relics from a long forgotten past. The state of least or minimal effort is a defining characteristic. Dead to ideas and dead to hard work…

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