Leaders Don’t Create Followers

They Create More Leaders. – Tom Peters

I don’t want you to follow me, I’ve made many mistakes.  I don’t want you to move like me, you’re your own person.  I don’t want you to be a robot, following blindly a system seemingly carved in stone.  This is not progress.  This is not called human expression.

I want to be a signpost.  I want to aid you where I can, but let you figure out the path so uniquely your own.  And I want you to be a leader, so you can help me with my own journey.

Let’s walk together.



7 Responses to “Leaders Don’t Create Followers”

  1. Love it. Too many people drinking the yoga Kool-Aid these days… (Ooo, and i just noticed we both “walked together” this morning with CultFit. )
    I dig your words!

  2. Yes Sifu, I only wish to be myself. But if you allow me to, at least let me credit you for my accomplishments.

  3. thephilotherapist Says:

    This reminds me of nerdfitness’s blog about finding a sidekick– I don’t like the idea of being or finding sidekick. Everyone is a hero. We should aim to create a league of extraordinary men/women, not try to find sidekicks… Im jus sayin’

  4. HDS – Good question, but as your hypothetical student, I would say that I would some sense to taking responsibility for myself and not drag you into my own shitty situations.
    Thephilotherapist – They already exist, they are called the Avengers (Marvel) and the Justice League (DC).

    • thephilotherapist Says:

      Yes, those are the leagues that exist in comic books, movies and cartoons. The league I suggest creating is in reality, our own reality, some might recognize this league as Dark Alliance (see Facebook page).

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