Chaos in Magick, Gung Fu and Fighting

Chaos Magick
During the 1970′s, two British occultists (Peter Carroll and Ray Sherwin) who had become frustrated with the existent dogma in occult practice, decided to spearhead a new organisation called the Illuminates of Chaos.Their goal was to make the practice of Magic, highly individualistic. They encouraged each student to find out, adopt and embrace those methods that best worked for them.

By traditional magic standards, these two were viewed as revolutionaries, threatening the established schools of occultism, precisely because the individual was seen as more important than any blind adherence to an existent school of thought on magical and occult practice.

Chaos Gung Fu
The same approach can be used in Gung Fu, placing the individual firmly before a particular school of Gung Fu, be it Wing Chun, Mantis, Hung Gar, Choy Lay Fut, etc. Although a practitioner seeks mastery of a codified system of fighting which has ancestral roots in chinese martial arts, the student should develop his or her own personal version of Gung Fu, based on their own physical attributes as well as any relevant life experience.

As a result mastery then becomes self mastery, something personal and intimate.

Chaos in Violent Encounters
The theme of a Chaos based approach becomes even more important when one carries out even a superficial analysis of street violence. Chaos is a fundamental part of the type of violence one attempts to prepare for through martial arts. Chaos therefore, should be adopted as part of ones training method.

You mimic chaotic scenarios in your skill training, as well as the free-flow type chaos which typifies partner skill development through random play based activity such as sticking hand (chi sao) or sparring.

Embrace Chaos.

Allow it to be a fundamental aspect of ones training in Gung Fu, as well as a guiding principle in your expression of magic, be it personal alchemy/self-transformation or the invocation of demons.

The path I walk, is mine. You can walk beside me, but your path will be yours alone.


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