Blogging on the Toilet

No wasted motion. Do only enough to hit and not be hit.

No extra food portions. Stop when full.

No excess fat. Why carry burdensome weight?

No extra flexibility. Over flexible muscles are weak muscles.

No obsessive workouts. Far more important to recover than to push too hard.

No discussions. Life is about action. Plenty of time to contemplate once dead.


5 Responses to “Blogging on the Toilet”

  1. Please talk about how you see the intense, overkill, NCGF training in relation to what you state in the fifth point above. Some who aren’t ongoing NCGF students or practitioners might label that training obsessive. By the way, I agree with you totally about recovery being important. Even more so as one gets older. Thanks Brother.

  2. His Dark Side Says:

    NCGF (IN MY OPINION ONLY) simply put = intense workouts at high volume, high repetition, low load (weight – only body weight), designed to stimulate fast twitch muscle fibers. You are training the central nervous system, through that stuff just as much as you are the muscles recruited. Its intense and in my opinion, the body can only work at maximal effort infrequently (once or twice per week) without creating (in the long term) an environment in the body which will lead to the symptoms of over-training = fatigue/low testosterone/poor mood.

    I do not have the ability to do bloodwork to monitor my hormonal levels (which is the optimum method for athletes), the easiest barometer is for me to do the activity and allow enough time to feel fresh before returning. If I find that I cant hit as hard or endurance becomes an issue (deterioration) then I know that I’m at risk of creating a toxic internal environment (over-training).

    Age is a factor for me. So I concentrate on the supplemental stuff that I can do (in addition to the actual training) to ensure longevity. Sleep, supplements, hydration, meditation. My workouts are shorter and if my body feels sore, I tend to do low intensity workouts only (active rather than passive recovery).


    On the flipside, irrespective of how obsessive practitioners of NCGF might be, simply put, doing that method deliberately and with focus will lead to the development of skill that I believe is hard to surpass. It makes average people into skillful Gung Fu men and women.

    Thanks for reading Johnny. One Love!

  3. authenticizeit Says:

    balance is SO not static


    I have SO much to learn, SO much growth ahead.
    But I am more optimistic about it than I ever have been.
    I think this is because I’m finally “still” enough to listen.
    I am comfortable being uncomfortable. Walking the tight wire. Constant re-balancing IS balance, at least in my life.

    Suki, the first paragraph of your response is something I think I should post somewhere in this house.

  4. authenticizeit Says:

    P.S. I did NOT write this on the toilet. 😉 lol

  5. Thank you both. NCGF as process, art, and it’s training does lead one to levels of operation one might not have believed acheivable before. Age does factor in and one should learn to train smart.

    Authenticizeit, I feel you. Balance is a part of IT! 😉

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