Influences Forever by Michael Banaag

Michael Banaag, remembers Jesse Glover;

“It was great to experience his Non-Classical Gung-Fu! To see that knowledge, and him as an individual truly inspire, and become someone close and dear to his students. He really cared about his students (and they cared about him). It was nice to see him tell a student to sit back and rest a little knowing his student’s health condition; where as some teachers would just let them figure out when to stop on their own. It shows how much he really cares! The POWER, the simplicity, yet the artistic nuances that made what he did not so simple, yet simple was amazing. Every time he demonstrated a technique on me, or even when I just shook his hand to say hello or good-bye, you could FEEL how powerful his energy was; and that’s even knowing he’s not at his best due to the illness he was battling.”

full article;

Michael Banaag, sifu has written for us before;


*Jesse Glover (left) and Jim DeMile


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