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Learn How To Fight In Four Weeks

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Kung-Fu Camp here on the East Coast of Canada came to a close.  Four brave souls braved four weeks of lessons in movement (and laughter).

Each session started with burpees and ended with burpees.  You can’t fight if you’re gonna gas.

First week was about circling.  Circling the head, hands, torso, knees and entire body.

The second week was about pushing and pulling.  Pushing on an opponent’s centre of mass, pulling on the head or limbs to control and off-balance.

The third week was about hitting.  Hitting from a distance, up close, sitting, when laying on top and when on the bottom.  A lesson in power generation.

Week four was about footwork.  Evade.

As His Dark Side puts it, “Hit hard.  Or evade.  Or both.  Everything else is a waste.”

So in four hourly sessions, I figure I taught them everything they need to know about fighting.  It’s up to them to put in the work.  That’s how I roll.  Most folks just don’t.  But I hope that I instilled some



100 Pull-up Challenge

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46 years old.  Stolen from Ross Boxing blog.  What’s your excuse?

The Addictive Type; Noah Levine

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Prayer and meditation quickly became a more integral part of my life.  They were helping me make sense of everything.  I was beginning to find some sense of purpose in my life.

Being an addictive type, when I find something that makes me feel good I want to do it all the time, so I did, I turned my life toward recovery and spiritual practice.

I had tried everything else.  Drugs hadn’t worked, material accumulation hadn’t worked, violence certainly hadn’t worked, and the negative attention ego trip of graffiti, gangs, and lawlessness had just almost gotten me locked up again.

I knew this spiritual practice shit was the last hope for me.

– Dharma Punx by Noah Levine, Pg. 84

I Like Playing With Myself

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You read that right.

I mean, you probably read that with your mind in the wrong place, but you read it right.

I play with myself all the time.  I play with my mind – constantly changing my world view.  I play with my body – stretching, playing with my posture, pull-ups at the playground.  I play with my soul – allowing the Great Spirit to enter my being and take life’s burdens away.

Better get playing with yourself, no?


His Dark Side Speaks; Nonsense

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90% of the stuff we were taught re health is bullshit myth. Saturated fat nonsense, calories in and out, hydrating during workouts, correct form in weight training, 10 reps, heavy weight slows you down, 8 glasses water, coffee dehydrates, workout after carb loading, don’t eat butter etc etc.

F*cking nonsense.

Structure in wc, correct shapes, yjkym being training stance, Biu tze deadliness, lsjc, don’t build muscle, elbow has to be centered, elbow force, don’t connect at wrist.


Burn Bridges; Bomb Tunnels

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Never burn bridges.

Stay loyal to the right people.

Make good decisions.

Because a year later the phone might ring.  And it’s the guy who you stood behind on the other end.  And now he’s asking for your help.  And it might pay well.

So never burn bridges.  And never bomb tunnels.  Unless, of course, you have a can of spray paint in your hands.


Dance To The Classics

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Big up to KH for the find.

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