A Note to Sifu

“I am ashamed sifu, and my head hangs low,

Despite what you have taught me,

The hours that I continue to toil and suffer,

To be a better man,

I am but a poor reflection in a murky pond,

I continue to honour your name.

I wear your beads constantly,

They are a source of comfort to me.

Most of all sifu,

I am saddened to tell you,

That they do not understand”.



2 Responses to “A Note to Sifu”

  1. authenticizeit Says:

    Feeling your heart.
    Tasting your tears.
    Hearing grieving, and understanding.
    Challenging the damaginf nature of religifying a human.

    They. Which box do “they” live in? Did you create it? Did your beloved sifu convince you of the “they and us” syndrome, or is this of your design?

    Understanding the feeling yet rejecting, in my soul, the inferred absolutism which is sadly nothing beyond perception…

    • His Dark Side Says:

      Sifu taught nothing other than the purity of Gung Fu. It was the Gung Fu that taught me the rest. I miss his presence daily. And now I miss Jesse too.

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