Mercury – Redux

How fast can I run?

When I get to the running track, I become Hermes, abandoning my cadaceus for my MP3 player and Dre Beats.

I stand, shoulder deep, poised to run, the soles of my Nike Free’s vibrating.

When I dash, a trail is blazed, etching rings of Saturn.

Trembling tempest creating blade branded winged patterns.

Mercurial speed.

As I sprint, images become brushstrokes gliding across the edge of my retina.

Zooming, heed steedily, raising heat, burning, burning hot.

Sprinting at speeds where the landscape appears stilled.

Aging stars, age no more. Mercurial.

Padding softly on blossoms of Venus, the finest caress, skipping her heart between beats.

Stealing away as she extends her exposed wrist, fingers reach, closing clasping nothing.

I am air and I flow Mercurial.



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