Dark Side – Redux

We all posses a dark side.

A part of us that we keep repressed for fear that we will be perceived as nothing other than animals. It is the part of us that is willing to act without inhibition or physical, moral or psychological limitations.

One of the prime functions of our dark side is to provide a system which facilitates overt aggressive behaviours.

Even a casual observer of street violence will agree that it is usually the more aggressive individual who prevails in moments of extreme violence. This is the type of person who has allowed his dark side to override his social programming which, in normal day-to-day circumstances, would serve to constrain that behaviour.

A combative system which fails to teach us how to embrace our innate inclination for extreme aggression is a system which is designed to fail. Worse still, the point at which these systems are likely to fail are when the threat of violence is imminent and inescapable.

Find your darkest side.



2 Responses to “Dark Side – Redux”

  1. “Find your darkest side”…and include it in your being. Then it’ll cease to be your “dark side”.

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