Gung Fu State of Mind

The reason why I do martial arts is to overcome a ‘fear of domination’, a term which I first came across when reading Jesse Glover’s inspirational book; Non-Classical Gung Fu.

If I had to suggest the frame of mind one needs to overcome domination it would be this; never view yourself as a victim, ever. Despite the tendency for it to become self fulfilling, it also gives rise to a stream of negative self images which tend to stunt you from doing what you need to do i.e. survive a violent encounter.

Complying with the demands of an aggressor should not be considered an option, with the one proviso being; where you are 100% sure that compliance will guarantee an end to the incursion.

Instead, view yourself as the hunter.

That is, rather than seeing yourself as the victim, bring the fight to the aggressor! Make him sorry for having chosen you as his mark. Frame yourself in terms of positive self-expression or at the very least, use a self image that encourages you to act, move, rebel and preferably escape.

Be violently and ruthlessly determined to escape.

Picture how a hunter stalks his prey (the aggressor).

How is his body positioned?

What is his expression?

What does the hunter’s internal dialogue say when he see’s her mark (the aggressor)?

The hunter will teach you, how to avoid being a victim.


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