A New Path: Gung Fu and Magick

I listen to my body. I put my ear against my beating heart which tells me either to go harder, or to rest. I listen to my stomach which tells me to eat or not. I listen to my gut, when it signals that I should follow through and make a decision.

Within the confines of reason, I follow what my heart desires aggressively. It sets me on the path to making money, finding love and making manifest things that I want. Magic and the practise of magic has taught me to embrace my passions. It has also taught me to be selfish toward anything that stands between me and the object of my goal.

Martial arts would have me living a frugal lifestyle. It would reinforce the idea that a warrior’s path is a difficult one and has to be filled with a degree of pain and suffering for it to teach me life lessons. The swordsman Musashi, rarely washed and lived a life which verged on being utterly destitute. Living like this does not appeal to me. I am far too materialistic. And I accept my materialism, the same way I accept my ego. Suppression of something natural is damaging. By suppressing my natural desires I fail to recognize the valuable lessons that my body is attempting to share with me. I listen to my body.

If martial arts have failed to provide me the life I want, then they have failed me.



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