Drive – Redux

“I live in the real world.” This is the first thought that came into my head when the corvette pulled up alongside me on the motorway. In car terms, his revving was the male equivalent of a guy walking into your personal space and flexing his muscles. “Vrrrrrr… Vrrrrr,” bellowed his engine. I’ve never had much time for muscle heads when I’m in my zone, working out at the gym. And, similarly, I didn’t have too much time for this guy in his yank muscle with its long triangulated body.

I live in the real world. A world where I understand that it doesn’t take immense power to knock someone out, but does take timing, accuracy and the ability to cause enough rotation of the opponents head to wobble his brain. In my world, its not so much about power delivery, but more about the nuances of being able to adapt, think on the fly, all within a framework of basic technical fighting skill. Its not about look. If it were, then I would do Tae Kwon Do instead of Gung Fu. Its also about a certain level of intelligence, which Is also why I don’t do MMA.

I live in the real world. My world is filled with bumps, windy roads and obstacles. If it were a straight, linear world, this corvette would own the streets and its driver would possess the world. However, linear things have a tough time in a wobbly world, where it takes raw grit, determination and as mentioned, an ability to adapt.

I live in the real world. A world where things of value don’t (and in my opinion shouldn’t) come easy. In my world I learnt to excel in school, to stick with education, work hard and be the master of my own destiny; in short – a world where I make things happen. It also taught me to only fight battles worth fighting.

I live in the real world. The corvette stayed with me a while, egging me on into some reckless driving. The conditions were in my favour – wet roads, curving to the left and to the right on a motorway nestled in between mountains. Instead, I went into cruise, turned up Big’s “Juicy” and told my twin-turbocharged car that this fight wasn’t worth fighting.



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