Pretty Memories – Redux

Life can change in an instant. A mother holding a child while tending to a pot of boiling water. A man whose heart decides to skip a beat. A car driver so engrossed in texting that she forgets the inherent risks of driving on a busy road. A needle in the park. A lost job.

The more I think about this stuff, at this very second, the less I feel in control, the more I realize that my arms and legs are dangling from invisible threads. What do I have left to hold onto?

The morning is chilly, the season of mists is upon us. A golden celebration of nature. Am I the objective viewer of autumnal beauty, or am I the subjective interpreter?

The passing smile of a stranger. A distracted glance from an attractive girl. The feint laughter of children rising from a sun soaked park. The feeling, no matter how strained, of being alive.

I shine, you shine.

“We are a light unto ourselves, in a world that is utterly dark.” Krishnamurti.

The world is not the controller. I am.

I choose my response to a world in flux.

I choose to smile, take a deep breath and puff out my chest.

It’s not the first time I’ve been tested.

And for my life to have any value, I hope it’s not the last.



4 Responses to “Pretty Memories – Redux”

  1. Wonderful. Sharing!

  2. Shared on my public page. Is that okay with you?

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