Beliefs, Paradigms, Gung Fu – Redux

The Gung Fu that we advocate is strictly speaking, a set of approaches to fighting that strip away a lot of dogma and get right down to the bare bones of engaging with an enemy itself.

Success can be established through observable results. It is also a requirement that these results are replicable by other people.

The problem is that with any practice involving human individuals, there are variations and an individual’s personal system of beliefs or sense of ‘what is possible’ can affect the results.

The successful Gung Fu man is one who can successfully see the world from within more than one belief system or paradigm.

He is not stuck in a singular mode of thought. In fact, what is encouraged is thinking which is outside of mainstream Gung Fu practice.



2 Responses to “Beliefs, Paradigms, Gung Fu – Redux”

  1. I hope it’s okay with you that some of us readers might see the word “man” in certain posts but hear the word “person” or maybe even “woman”. You express many things that resonate with my core, and that I learn from. Often as I experience them they seem genderless. Thanks for everything!

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