Quantum Gung Fu

In the eighteenth century, a man named Bishop Berkeley claimed that objects can only exist because people are there to see them. This proposition has some support in quantum theory which suggests that what is being observed, only becomes manifest due to the very fact that it is under observation. Up until the point that it is being observed, it is in a state of flux, existing as pure potential. Therefore without an observer being present, that ‘thing’ cannot be said to exist.

Perhaps this serves as an important lesson for Gung Fu folk. Up until the point that their skill is being observed (preferably by a competent opponent), their “skill” exists as nothing more than potential. For true skill to be asserted, it has to have been witnessed first hand by someone acting as the observer.

This not only suggests the futility of single man forms and drills but also of the entire notion that a person has skill, when no attempt has been made for that skill to be demonstrated, hands-on, against someone willing to serve as a critical observer. Skill only exists when it is applied against someone.


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