Gung Fu Coolness

I JUST WANT TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT. Gung Fu is as cool as f*ck. No doubt.

When I hear a Wu Tang joint, or watch a kung Fu cinema clip, I’m glad I trained Gung Fu and not stuff like Judo, Karate, TKD or MMA. Not to belittle those arts at all. Whilst I have tonnes of respect for stylists from many different backgrounds, nothing hits the high notes on the cool scale quite like Gung Fu does.

I’m not here to debate about which art or style if more effective or blah blah blah. Gung Fu, for all its cheesiness is in, the same way that nerds, geeks and breakdancing are all in.

Kung Fu cinema brought us such legendary movies as 5 Deadly Venoms, 36 Chambers of Shaolin and the Prodigal Son. It showed us the diversity of Kung Fu fighting styles by pitting Mantis against Snake style, Buddha Palm against Eagle Claw. The fights were meticulously choreographed and the story lines simplistic, silly and brilliant.

We were introduced to Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen. Kung Fu cinema was, and continues to be, as cool as f*ck. With more recent movies such as Crouching Tiger and the superb Ip Man, Kung Fu cinema has crossed boundaries, becoming a global phenomenon.

Bruce Lee was a Gung Fu dude and he was as cool as f*ck. His name is synonomous with Gung Fu 70′s retro cool. He is easily as cool as Che Guevara or Jim Morrison. When Bruce jumped onto our screens, he was representing old school, classic Gung Fu cool; overcoming adversity, oppression of the Chinese and protecting the ideals of his Gung Fu school.

When Meth, Raekwon, ODB and Ghost took the mic, they were the hottest damn rappers on the planet and Wu Tang was the greatest hip hop collaboration. Wu Tang sampled heavily from Kung Fu films and their rebel style of all out attack spitting was lyrical Kung Fu. They were as cool as f*ck.

I rest my case.



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