Seven Years

She, along with the kids, is the reason I do a lot of things.  And I am completely aware of all the things she does for me.  If I am looked upon as successful, it is only because of my wife – the backbone, the one helping me push farther, the one who keeps my ego in check.  Seven years today and nine years total and I’m still head over heels for that girl.  Rory Miller’s recent blogpost said it best:

“One theme that kept coming up was relationships.  The media slams us with images that people with intense lives must be broken, must have horrible or no relationships.  If you want your mind blown, go to a gathering of go-to people and meet their spouses and children.  You will meet strong, decisive brilliant wives and husbands and children.

They are the best of us and we know it and appreciate it, and some would love to tell that story.  The guy that can teach you how to make a functional shank from a styrofoam cup and the guy who runs a state police unit and the guy who has hit bottom hardest and come back strongest…all want to write about their wives.”

Let me tell you about mine,


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