Don’t Hate – Redux

Don’t hate.

Perhaps feelings of inadequacy welled a desire in him to be despicable towards me. His horridness about my sprint technique was, I’m sure, used as a means to disguise his own disgust at being gifted a mere 2 inch flaccid worm, which I imagine he unimaginatively stabs away at his wife, oblivious to the tears of dissatisfaction streaming down her little pink face.

In any event comments from an inept gym trainer, who appears to have the educational merit of bellybutton lint should not be permitted to throw me off balance.

What do these people know about training?

What do any teachers really know about anything?

I have even found that Masters of Gung Fu tend to be nothing more than masters of manipulation and confusion.

Be your own master and learn from your own experiences. After all, you have had the wisdom to get you far enough through life so as to have reached this point!

My thoughts about Mr. Gym Trainer arrive in my brain, thusly;

“don’t talk to me”

“if you must interact with me at the gym, confine it to deferential glances timed so as not to come within my visual field”

“die a horrible death, one that would cause the putrid bloating of your carcass. May I suggest a steroid overdose in a warm room where I hope you lay undiscovered for 9 days”

My advice to Dark Gung Fu men is as follows;

Ignore the world.

Do what you will, but understand that ‘doing’ requires action and that there is no glory to signify how good you are in Gung Fu. Always strive to do better.

Lead by example.

Never back down.

Be the first to move.

Don’t be afraid of your enemy. You are reflected in the mirrored sheen of your enemy’s eyes so as to remind yourself that the only thing you need fear is you.

When you have finished training, ask if you could have trained harder, fought harder and hit harder.

Death looms over us at all times. The less we move, the closer death gets. Keep moving.

Read more. Books. Not text messages, or fucking facebook (the major distraction for the masses).

Fight hard, move fast.


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