Simplicity and Gung Fu

(written May 2011)

I just wanted to flow mercurial. So, I bypassed my usual strength training in order to go to the indoor track and sprint. The format was as follows; I would dash – full tilt, for 45 meters. Walk back, reset and repeat.

Its amazing how trying the repetition of simple things can be on the human body and inversely, how amazingly effective. My legs started to tremble after about 10 sets and they are glad to be supported by this chair, at this precise moment.

The repetition of simple patterns was something instilled in me by Jesse Glover. Prior to meeting him, my mind was still trapped in the classical method where I had a psychological corollary between amassing techniques and fighting prowess. Jesse taught me that the opposite is in fact true. The less you fill your brain with collecting techniques and the more you work basic punches and kicks, the greater the likelihood of success in a fight. Collecting techniques serves no purpose other than transforming someone into a librarian of techniques, whilst giving rise to the risk of interference patterns (confusion) when fighting (aka as the ‘which technique do I use?’ syndrome).

So, my legs are currently twitching, I worked out relatively hard and feel good. What did you do today?


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