Submerge Sun – Redux

People passing by my chair see me silhouetted, my outline stenciled against the window. I’m sat, rooted to my chair. Sun beams onto my back. I’m at the airport waiting for my flight home. An iced coffee planted into the holder by my side and a bustling airport of people that I ignore. My dismissal is a curt one, for as my eyes rise from the computer screen I realize that every person seated, walking and whisping past is an extension of my own soul, a part of the same divine spirit which allowed me to exist and from which I draw my strength.

Why do we force ourselves to grow apart? We are but one singularly unified consciousness. Our ego-centred view which fools us into thinking we are separate and distinct beings is at best naive and at worst plainly destructive. Clearly the seed wears a different costume from the tree that it becomes, but it always remains eternally connected.

I listen to music and surrender to it. I let go of my attachment to this place and allow my soul to rise through the ceiling, up into the sky. My spirit soars, plunges and submerges into the sun, thus returning to the source.

Eyes wide, I’m sat at the airport, at one with everything and living entirely in the here and now. Blissful. Joyous.



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