Be Mediocre

Be Mediocre. Go On. Do It.
Mediocrity is intended. We create habits and patterns which allow for us to stay average, even despite ‘our best efforts’ to project a desire to be successful.

Lazy Workers Need Not Apply To The Job Of Success
This is because desire and projection without solid hard workresolute determination and an unwillingness to fail are the mechanisms which create an environment for failure. Being ‘positive’ without more will not make you happy. And the traits required for excellence are not gifted to people via good genetics. No. They are things that you have to fuckin’ work for. (I should know this because I’ve worked my tits off to get where I am!)

Know Your Limitations
Generally speaking, people will be able to excel at one or two things in the span of a single lifetime. However, we live in a generation and technological age which encourages us to flit between vocations, jump illogically from idea to idea and pretend to be passionate about things that are outside our remit of understanding.

Creating Habits Of Failure
I’ve met a few of these self-proclaimed ‘entrepeneurs’ or ‘renaissance men.’ They fall into habitual patterns of immersing themselves in projects for short periods. And as soon as they face their first disappointment, or smell an initial whiff of failure they turn their backs to run. It makes me mad. Definitely not the type of people who would have your back in a fight. Giving up easily does nothing more than reinforce patterns of failure which these people are destined to keep repeating! Ironically, they master the art of failure. Inversely, their inability to endure through hardships means they miss out many of the life lessons that real bona-fide FAILURE may have provided.

I Know My Limitations
I’m a Gung Fu man and am unwilling to accept being a mediocre one. Period. The lifestyle I have constructed is as a by-product of the skills that I obtained through the medium of martial arts training. I’ve done okay in life, but more importantly, I know my limitations and seldom give an opinion on topics of which I have only a partial understanding.

I am a Gung Fu man. I’ve learnt Gung Fu the hard way, and I will continue to endure. Will you?


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