Gung Fu Stripped

The development of martial arts seems counter-logical. As a system undergoes a process of development it tends to expand as it takes on, as part of its curriculum, more and more techniques.

Advanced practitioners point out the importance of drilling basics. But then what happens to those advanced techniques which are left by the way-side only to be ignored until a person wishes to progress through the curriculum of a system in the vain search for a higher belt or certificate. The point is simple, why have these so called advanced techniques in a system if the important “stuff” is recognised to consist of only a handful of techniques? What causes people to collect, rather than discard, or expand rather than refine?

The investement in martial arts is too onerous, which explains the high dropout rate. The expectation is that one needs to practise for decades before one is classed as advanced. This also is counter-logical. If the aim of training is self-protection, then surely the value in a system lies in how QUICKLY it can be learnt, and become functional.

Wing Chun Gung-Fu, irrespective of its origins was developed as a system which could be learnt quickly. There are various fables which explain how the system came to be, usually containing references to other arts such as Snake/Dragon and Crane Gung Fu which provided the blueprint for Wing Chun. There are many practitioners who find themselves ensnared by Wing Chun, adhering strictly to its tenets and prcatising techniques which will get them INTO trouble, rather than out of trouble.

What would Wing Chun look like, were it STRIPPED to its most basic form?


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