My Journey

I am characterized by the way I was taught. Unfamiliar with the idea of comfort. I have a firm grasp on the psychological dynamic required to be a successful fighter. That violence is about cruelty.

The insular, private training sessions have led me on a journey where I now avoid involvement in Gung Fu fraternities or affiliations, preferring to view my Gung Fu journey as a personal odyssey.

The time I did entertain myself in Gung Fu circles I learnt that stories of sifu’s tend to be embellished. Often false memories created for self serving biases, and recollections altered as a result of current beliefs, or the passage of time. Students hung on the every word of their sifu’s preferring to live in the shadows of their sifu’s rather than empowering themselves. Do they not want to control their own development? However, sometimes it behooves a person to be a bit more honest.

This journey is mine and mine alone. And I’m always ready to begin again. Always prepared to thank those who have shown little to no support.

I wish you well and look forward to the day our paths cross.


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