What is Gung Fu?

Gung Fu is about moving, sweating, lifting, pushing, pulling, hitting, punching, kicking.

It’s about tensing muscles, tendons and working fast-twitch fibers.  It’s about flexing, pulsating and getting ripped.

Gung Fu is about thinking, focusing, getting hyped-up, aggressive, screaming, shouting.

It’s also about meditating, lucidly dreaming, being calm, walking, enjoying the beauty that surrounds us, living passionately and being creative.

Gung Fu can’t be sold, bottled, signed, sent in the post or pre-ordered. It’s a lifestyle.

It can only be practised.


The following took place when I was a teenager living in London, UK;

Broken, jagged glass was pushed into his face. Glass grinding against the bone in his head. Blood flowed down his white jacket creating a slick layer of red, reflective goo onto the pavement. The attack was swift and executed with merciless precision. The police looked on, complacent deciding that an attack on a black youth, carried out by other black youth was not worthy of their attention. I watched as the victim tried to stand up, even after the barrage of punches, even after the kicks and even after the bottle attack.

I came close to being that victim. Just moments earlier the same mob had confronted me. Luckily, I managed to talk myself out of the situation only to watch them carry out their vicious attack on someone else moments later. This singular event gave me nightmares, eventually leading me onto a quest for a code by which I could live. A code that would grant me skills for self protection. Something that would allow me to decipher the violence that erupts on the street whilst giving me a means by which toget out. And finally, perhaps a code that would grant me the strength to fight when all hope of escape was lost.

In short, I needed to become a martial artist.


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