Having The Right Tool For The Right Job

This is a guest post by none-other-than Mr. Cultfit himself.

Greetings reader and welcome to: The Tool Box – The inter-webz only premier nightclub that caters specifically to tools.

Not quite sure what characterizes a tool? Then chances are you probably are one. Welcome to the club that caters to your every need and desire. You’re sure to  love our wide selection of flavored vodkas and specialty shots!  Do you enjoy the “Naked Hustle” and Poison’s greatest hits? Who are we kidding … Of course you do!

What drunken night out is complete without engaging in a testosterone-fueled encounter with another fine young gentleman? Our signature “WTF, Dude” V.I.P section is specifically tailored for weak, unmotivated chumps.  See that dude across the room?  The one looking at you funny?  Just say the secret password and we’ll make it happen, dude!

We do have a strict dress code here at The Tool Box. If your best t-shirt does not have an elaborate script print with dragons and stuff on it?  You will not be admitted, period!

So feel free to stop by The Tool Box sometime and wave your tool flag proudly!


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