Like Family

Showed up at the ‘new’ gym.  My coach left training the local pro and went to train at Warrior ABC.  My friend Ken invited me down.  For Ken, the gym is like family.  It’s seen him through his first fight, a divorce and helped him stay on the wagon for the most part.  He calls our coach almost every night to chat.  He’s brought all his friends and business contacts to the new gym and I joked that he was our coach’s booking agent.

The gym is like family.  Upon my return, I heard pro fighter Steve say in the dressing room, “Man!  Everyone’s here now.”

It’s good to be  ‘everyone.’  It’s good to be back, in a good facility and surrounded by good people, whilst being punched in the face.

Martial artist Tony Blauer once updated his Facebook status to the tune of (paraphrasing), “I can go into any Crossfit gym across the country, join right in and everybody welcomes me.”

I responded, “It’s just like how we wanted the world of martial arts to be.”

The gym.  Like family.



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